India against corruption and other stories

India against corruption and other stories


India slows down. And precisely because of this, the Indian government begins to deploy initiatives that allow the coalition headed by the Congress Party to repeat a victory in the 2014 elections. If it comes alive. These initiatives are so contradictory – sorry, complementary – that one would say that they are the work of different parties.

Although it has been made to wait, the battery of deregulatory measures announced by the government carries two broadsides in less than a month and more are expected. The first is already law and authorizes the increase of foreign participation in Indian airlines (from 25% to 49%) and in stores of a single brand (from 51% to 100%), as well as the opening to foreign supermarkets (51 % of capital), although each state will have a right of veto on this last measure (India is a federal state in earnest). The second and more recent broadside, whose approval by the cameras will depend on the parliamentary arithmetic, includes the authorization of foreign capital in pension plans and the increase of foreign participation in the insurance sector.

On the other hand, the Indian government announced this month its plans to guarantee a minimum price for fourteen forest products. Such a measure, if applied, can dramatically improve the fate of one hundred million “adivasis” (Aboriginal or tribal population, not yet “absorbed” by the Hindu caste system). At least, of those who five years ago formally got the recognition of their right to continue to exploit their ancestral forests.

A dozen years ago, two states, Jharkhand and Chhatisgarh, were segregated, respectively, from Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. The explicit objective was the promotion of the Adivasi population, very numerous in those states. However, with the perspective of time, it seems clear that its segregation was more likely to facilitate the exploitation of its mineral resources by large companies, Indian (especially Indian) and foreign.

The great imperialist Winston Churchill was furiously opposed to the independence of India-a country he knew well in his youth-claiming that the state would end up in the hands of “scoundrels and straw men.” Although he was completely wrong about the first decades of independent India, the Indians are not sure that time has not proved him right, or at least that is what the veteran columnist Khushwant Singh believes.

India slows down and the battery of deregulatory measures wants to buy time. The IMF has revealed that India, for the first time in a decade, will grow this year below 5% (exactly 4.9%, one point less than expected at the beginning of the year). The IMF declares itself somewhat more optimistic for next year, referring precisely to the deregulatory measures recently undertaken by the government. Although the macroeconomic figures do not matter, if the distribution of this growth is still as unfair – finally, as inefficient – as it has been for the last fifteen years.

More. The Economist aims and the British government shoots. Or vice versa. The London-based weekly bible for capitalism was delivered at ease in a special supplement, this month, with the Congress Party in general and, in particular, with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, with the president of the coalition, Sonia Gandhi, and with his son and eternal dolphin, Rahul Gandhi. A few days later, London has erased from the line of outlaws the Prime Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi – “a book fascist”, according to the description – after having interviewed him, fifteen years ago – of the respected intellectual Ashis Nandy. Fascist or not, Islamophobic or not, genocidal or not, Modi is the favorite of the economic elite-largely a Guyarati-speaking Mumbai, in short, of the big multinationals and big Indian finance. For a country, the size of India to fall into the hands of someone morally as disgusting as Narendra Modi – or the president of his party, the BJP, Nitin Gadkari – would be a terrible news for the world.

Meanwhile, Robert Vadra, the son of Sonia Gandhi, is on the ropes, for the accusations of shady deals with real estate agents (no less than DLF, the largest in the country) in the vicinity of Delhi, in Gurgaon, Haryana (where he governs the Congress). In short, “loans” without guarantees worth millions of euros (making Vadra a partner in DLF projects), for reasons unknown but perfectly imaginable- Bbtd Hotel payday loans canada. Vadra, by the way, is the only Indian excused to pass the security controls in the Indian airports without having a high position of the state that justifies it (there are 22 categories). The only similar case is that of the Dalai Lama.

On the other hand, if there is a country where the number of housing for the middle class completed in the last five years is not the only millionaire, as in Spain, but in half of the cases remain empty, that is India. With the difference that in Delhi or Bombay, unlike what happened in Barcelona, Madrid or Dublin, the property bubble has not yet burst.

Behind many of these allegations of corruption is India Against Corruption initiative, led from the beginning by the activist Arvind Kejriwal, although for a long time his face was visible Gandhian Anna Hazare, who has distanced himself from the will of the previous one to convert the movement in a political party. A Secretary of State for Justice has also been accused, along with his wife, of pocketing more than one hundred thousand euros supposedly destined for disabled people, through his job. In India, many people live from the poor. Hence the Indian suspicion towards the NGOs in general, or at least, their ninguneo. Vicente Ferrer, despite his enormous work of a lifetime, nobody knows him in India, except his most direct beneficiaries. Suspicion is greater towards NGOs linked to Protestant proselytizing churches. By the way, another well-known Barcelona woman has seen how her Indian counterpart, New Life, has just suffered a severe setback in the northeastern part of the country (Shillong), where the Reverend Miller, in command of a boarding school for girls, has been arrested for abuse and exploitation of minors.

To those who think that who holds Arvind Kejriwal – so far has been – is the BJP (many of the youth in their rallies were clearly the “Hitler Youth” of the Hindu movement RSS -BJP’s own boss- Kejriwal promised that his next target would be one of the BJP godfathers, Nitin Gadkari, and not a few Western politicians sometimes have corpses in the closet, but in the case of Gadkari, the corpse was real, of a seven-year-old girl, in her own car, parked in the enclosure of his house, a sordid story from which, naturally, he has been exculpated, like everyone else, including the guards, under various pressures and tricks.

One of lime and one of sand. Last week, the Minister of Rural Affairs, Jairam Ramesh, one of the most impressive politicians in India, gave the call. He met in Agra with the organizers of a peasant march, who left Madhya Pradesh and tried to reach, on foot, New Delhi, as they did five years ago (I had the good fortune to experience it). Ramesh agreed to draw up and present a bill guaranteeing the poorest laborers in India, the minimum land, no longer to cultivate, but at least to build the cabin or house to live on. A few square meters of which cannot be evicted, at least without compensation. It is not agrarian reform, but it is a step in the right direction.

A few days later, the government gives the sand, in what is an attempt to bring the Indian regime to the expeditious methods of the Chinese regime. From now on, large economic projects, both public and private, will be able to force the eviction and expropriation of small and large rural owners, if they manage to convince (or buy) two-thirds. This goes even beyond the 80% approval required by large companies.

Also here the BBC speaks of “agrarian reform” – but when the Anglo-Saxons speak of “reforms” any employee should reach for his wallet and shake himself – turning him around like a sock to what this concept has meant for centuries for the rural masses hungry for justice, progress and equal opportunities.
Everything is explained, taking into account that the Minister of Agriculture is someone as murky as the founder and president of the National Congress Party (NCP) -a split of the 1999 Congress Party that makes the Chicago of the 1930s seem more I suffice that Helsinki, compared to the Bombay of recent years.

Gadkari and Sharad Pawar come from Maharashtra. In the easternmost part of the state, in Vidharba, two or three peasants commit suicide every day, who grow cotton, because they can not pay back their debts, contracted with usurers. We are talking about thousands of suicides in recent years, something that the Minister of Agriculture has described as “statistically normal”. A drama that happens under the noses of Gadkari, president of the BJP, which presents itself as a “business-friendly” alternative to govern India, and that has its own sugar industries in the area, now under the microscope (for the first time in Many years, the Times of India uncovers a case of corruption Let us not have any illusions about the Indian “free press.” Considering the creative ways of making money from that newspaper, it is possible that they have managed to convert it into an advertising space the allegations of corruption.

Although a few hours disappeared from the cover (free?). And no one escapes that the departure of Gadkari scene would facilitate things to a possible candidacy of Modi, another little angel).

Well, mafia politicians like Gadkari or Pawar (the adjective is not free, its power is also based on its demonstrated ability to break the legs of anyone who gets in their way – once again, literally) according to networks like NDTV, they have Dedicated to taking off with billions of euros from the government, supposedly destined to finance irrigation plans in one of the thirstiest areas of India, Vidharba. Ten billion euros for that purpose, disbursed by the Ministry of Agriculture, were overseen by the nephew of the Minister and Vice Prime Minister of Maharashtra, Ajit Pawar.

Well, between each other, under the pretext of building dams have expropriated at a bargain price-first-not only the necessary land, but many more, adjoining, then bought by politicians from across the spectrum (including, notably, Gadkari ). These, in turn, have built power plants (Bombay is thirsty kilowatts) that require huge amounts of water. Once the irrigation infrastructures have been completed, most of the water has been used for energy production, so the fields remain thirsty and the peasants, once bankrupt and indebted, continue to commit suicide. Something that, without a doubt, should cheapen many later expropriations. Those of always, have lined up, taking advantage in their favor, once again, the pressure exerted by the humanitarian and journalistic campaigns, in this case, on the misfortune of thousands of suicidal peasants.

Read it with your own eyes.

Read it with your own eyes.


In other words, after allocating ten billion euros of public money to swamps, canals and other works, the improvement in irrigation is, hold on, 0.1%. Yes, the nephew has had to resign from the vice presidency after the scandal broke. Although his uncle remains as Minister of Agriculture – since 2004 – of the government chaired by Manmohan Singh, a man unanimously praised for his integrity and, it should be added, not to hinder the business of his colleagues in the cabinet.

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